Lip augmentation, also known as lip enhancement, is a popular non-surgical procedure that aims to improve the appearance of the lips, using natural or synthetic fillers. This procedure thus improves the fullness of the lips through enlargement.
Lip augmentation in Punjab is a perfect solution to obtain lip fullness for those who have thin lips. There are many types of dermal fillers that are used for lip augmentation in Chandigarh. The choice of filler depends upon the preferences of patient as well as surgeon considering the pros and cons of each type.

Some of the benefits of Lip Augmentation in Chandigarh are:

  • Controls the volume of the lips.
  • With this treatment any type of bumps tend to dissolve easily.
  • Quick procedure that can even be performed during the lunch break from office.
  • The results of the procedure are reasonably lasting.
  • The procedure comes with an affordable price tag.

An allergic reaction is very less when hyaluronic acid fillers are used in the surgery.

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