SRS CLINIC (SEX REASSIGNMENT SURGERY) – We have started a gender reassignment clinic on the 3rd Friday of every month.

All specialists are available under one roof:

  • Plastic Surgeon
  • Endocrinologist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychologist
  • Urologist

Sex Reassignment Surgery In Chandigarh | Gender Change

Sex Reassignment Surgery in Chandigarh.

Sex reassignment, SRS is more generally known as a Sex change is a method that alters a person’s genital organs from one gender to another

Gender reassignment is performed not only on those men and women who mentally and emotionally have different sex than biologically but also on newborns with intersex deformities.

What do you need to consider before deciding to undergo Sex transformation:

Those who wish to live the rest of their lives as the opposite sex can now do it easily at TIPS, SRS clinic.

As experienced surgeons in the field of plastic surgery, at TIPS we understand, that physically changing your sex is a complex process, and we are here to help you live your life as you wish to.

We want you to know that, apart from hormonal changes, this major surgery/surgeries to make the transition involves few steps.

Step 1: Mental Strength Evaluation

Surgeons at TIPS, require that you first talk to a psychologist or other mental health expert who specializes in gender disputes.

First, the counselor will sanction you have gender dysphoria, which is called “gender identity disorder.” People with this condition emotionally feel they should be the opposite sex, which disturbs them mentally.

Next, the counselor will understand your knowledge of the risks involved, and also the limitations of gender reassignment surgery. Then they take your consent for hormone treatment and, potentially, surgery.

“They also might check whether you have a social network and family approval that is going to support you or determine that you have enough internal strength to manage on your own”.

This step can be for two to three visits. If all goes well, then the therapist refers you to an endocrinologist or hormone specialist.


Secondary sexual characteristics such as Body hair, muscle mass and breast size, are controlled by Hormones.

Women who want the transition to men, need to take male hormones, or androgens. These hormones make them look more masculine. This treatment:

  • Extends the voice
  • Augments muscles and strength
  • Increases the growth of facial and body hair
  • Expands the clitoris

Similarly, Female hormones given to men, can make men look more feminine. This treatment:

  • Reduces muscle mass and strength
  • Restructures body fat
  • Upsurges breast muscle and nerve
  • Weakens and reduces the growth of body and facial hair
  • Depresses the level of testosterone

Though changes begin in a month, it might take few years to see the maximum effect.

Doctors will make sure that patients are healthy before they start therapy. Also, it is important that you take your hormones as suggested.

There are risks involved: Hormone remedies can lift the risks of high blood pressure, weight gain, heart disease, infertility, blood clots, and other serious conditions.

Those who wish to undergo this treatment, must be regular and take frequent check-ups, specifically in the initial months of therapy. This is needed to be sure you’re accustoming well to your hormone treatment.

It is also important to keep getting counseling with a psychologist because some might feel anxiety during the process.


Some of you might not prefer sex reassignment surgery over hormone therapy due to the cost involved. However, hormone therapy alone is not enough for complete sex reassignment.

Depending on the procedure, since it is an irreversible choice, both you and your surgeons must agree that it’s the right decision.

SRS, sex reassignment surgery involves recreating a person’s genitals to that of the opposite sex. Removal of the gonads may also be done.

There are risks involved in Gender reassignment procedures like any other surgeries.

For Men who make the transition to women, complications may include:

  • Tissue death of the skin — typically from the penis and scrotum — used to create the vagina and vulva
  • Narrowing of the urethra can block the flow of urine and may lead to kidney damage
  • Fistulas, or abnormal connections, between the bladder or bowels and the vagina

For women who make the transition to men, complications may include:

  • Narrowing, blockages, or fistulas in the urinary tract
  • Tissue death of the new penis

Men transitioning to women can have vaginas built that can be used for sex.

There is also, an option to avoid the risk of complication with Sex Reassignment Surgery. Women who transit to men can only have the ovaries and uterus removed and avoid getting a new penis.


Based on our experience only 1 in 100 people regret their genital reassignment surgery.

However, ongoing assistance is always needed. You may need counseling to address common issues like depression and anxiety, along with follow-up medical care.

Gender change surgery in Chandigarh

TIPS surgeons are experts in Sex Reassignment Surgery.

When you and your therapist agree that you should see specialists at a gender reassignment clinic, consider TIPS as it is the best hospital in Chandigarh for sex reassignment surgery. You can consider your treatment options. TIPS have SEX REASSIGNMENT SURGERY clinic every 3rd Friday of the month. Contact TIPS for more details.