Dimple Creation surgery is prepared under local anesthesia and is just a day case. The demand of the particular surgery is almost equal amongst both men and women. Actually whole lot of Dimple Creation Clinic in Punjab have been operating lately due to the heavy increase in demand of this particular surgery. The very presence of dimples usually suggest, good fortune and fertility but lately, it is more viewed as a sign of cuteness or rather uniqueness. Moreover the smile is brightened and a character is added to it.

This surgery is performed by attaching laughing muscle to dermis. Local anesthesia is required for the surgery to make it completely painless. Usually single cheek, even both cheeks and sometimes even the chin are preferred areas for the surgery.

For dimple creation, a small painless incision is required to be made in the inside of the cheek. There would be no visible scar left on the outside skin of the cheek. In the beginning days after the surgery, a dimple would be present on the cheek, even without smiling. This may continue for several days or sometimes even few weeks. But after that dimple is only present while smiling or moving the face.

Dimple creation in Chandigarh | Dimple creation guide

During the entire process of Smile Dimple Creation,patient is fully awake and comfortable. There are arrangements available for even sleeping during the surgery. The procedure is hardly for 30 minutes or so and the patient can go home, right away. Smile Dimple Creation has minimal complications like little bit of swelling and bruising etc. Few antibiotics are recommended by the surgeon for a couple of days after the surgery.

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