Gynaecomastia surgery in Chandigarh | Male Breast reduction before and after pictures

Gynaecomastia surgery- facts

Gynaecomastia Surgery or male breast reduction is the most common cosmetic surgery performed in males. Almost every fifth individual is fighting either with fat deposition or glandular enlargement in the chest. Gynaecomastia can be attributed to many reasons such as hereditary, hormonal, genetic and side effects of drug intake. We at Tricity Institute of Plastic Surgery (TIPS) Chandigarh perform male breast reduction with power assisted liposuction.

 Gynaecomastia surgery is a day care procedure and done under general anesthesia. In this surgery the resistant and stubborn fat will be sucked out. If any gland is there it’s also will be taken out through a very small incision. Chest liposuction is a painless procedure with very minimal side effects such as bruising and swelling. The patient will be discharged in the evening and will be advised to wear a compression jacket for about 3 weeks.

 The team of three best plastic surgeons in Chandigarh have been giving outstanding results in male breast reduction without complications. TIPS is one of the leading cosmetic surgery centre in Punjab dealing with male breast reduction and providing gratifying results.


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