India is one of the top players in the medical tourism industry with cutting edge technology and advanced healthcare system. The quality combined with the affordability has made India a hot place for people looking for healthcare options.

The medical tourism has people flocking to India from across the globe. India is a preferred destination for cardiology, transplants and cosmetic as well as plastic surgery.

The medical tourism in India has seen exponential growth in the last 3 year (2015-2017). There was a 111% growth in the medical tourism in the last 3 years, as stated by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

India is rapidly becoming a hot favorite destination for Plastic and Cosmetic surgery from all over the world. With the increase in popularity and easy availability of all the medical procedures, more and more foreign national people are flying to India.

 “It feels amazing to spend the recovery period in visiting historic places and indulging in exotic food India has to offer”says Gurpreet Kaur who came all the way from Canada and underwent tummy tuck & breast reduction surgery at Tricity Institute of Plastic Surgery.

Check out what Gurpreet Kaur has to say about TIPS:

The purpose of medical tourism should be able to provide both quality healthcare services along with affordability. We at TIPS seek to provide pristine health care to our patients. The team at Tricity Institute of Plastic Surgery has the best cosmetic surgeon  with 40+ years of experience. We also have special packages for patients outside India. Click here to check out the special packages.