Liposuction Punjab is exactly a cosmetic surgical procedure in which localized fat deposits are suctioned out of the body from specific areas. The major goal of liposuction is to reshape those particular areas of the body, that don’t react to exercising or controlled diet. When fat is stored for a pretty longer period, it stops reacting to workouts or dieting, here liposuction is successful in removing fat from that particular area.

If a patient is somewhere around the ideal weight of body, but has disproportionate localized deposits of fat, then liposuction is of immense benefit. Non smokers in general good health are best candidates for liposuction.If the patient has a good skin elasticity and muscle tone, then that’s an added bonus. Actually if significant amount of weight has already been lost and there is a lot of loose hanging skin, thenliposuction may worsen those problems further.

There is a myth that vaser liposuction can take off 50-100 pounds that the patient has put on over the last 10 years or so, in one go. Fact is, a typical liposuction surgery removes fat ranging from 1-10 pounds. But with increased safety risks, skin rippling and contour irregularities, larger amount of fat can be removed. Another known fact is that liposuction doesn’t reduce cellulite.

Full health history is required before the surgery. Two weeks prior to the surgery, certain medications need to be started and few need to be avoided like aspirin, herbal supplement and many anti inflammatory drugs. Patients can return to work after just 2-3 days of surgery. Exercising needs to be avoided for at least 2-3 weeks after the surgery. Guidelines can vary widely, based on the patient’s health. Any severe pain afterwards should be reported to your doctor.

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The major reason for people opting forliposuction surgery is cosmetic. Sometimes, your appearance after the surgery is not exactly what you had expected. Advertisements always highlight the positive sides, so the patient should always clear everything in brief prior to the surgery. Sometimes results can be less dramatic than your expectations and this can result in further disappointment.Liposuction results may not be permanent, the fat can come back again, if the weight is gained after the surgery. So adequate measures should be taken, for the control of weight.

Control of weight leads to a more steady results ofliposuction.All the related points are briefly discussed prior to the surgery. Results are permanent, only if adequate measures are religiously followed.

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