Liposuction has changed the two-decade-old theory of people, that staying “chubby” is nice. Nowadays the trend is to stay slim and trim and keep fit. The best clinic, exercise tapes, and Best doctor are seen everywhere, trying to help the people melt their extra fat away.

Liposuction in Punjab is basically fat suctioning. It is neither a substitute for dieting nor a cure for obesity. Persons who have excessive localized fat in certain areas, get the best result from this procedure. After attaining the age of 18 years, number of fat cells in the body are fixed, so if they increase after that, they tend to grow in size, but not in number. Liposuction surgery in Punjab removes those fat cells and then the fat does not come back to that particular area again, as there are no fat cells. Thus the fat loss is permanent. To know more about liposuction process, check out this blog.

Best doctor and Best clinic in combined have come up with best points about the procedure of Liposuction in Punjab:

  1. Virtually any area with localized unwanted fat can be treated by Liposuction surgery in Punjab.
  2. Even after diet, exercise and gym training, some areas fail to respond and shed off fat. Such areas are most effectively improved by Liposuction in Chandigarh.
  3. 5 to 7 litres of fat can be sucked out in one go.
  4. Liposuction surgery in Punjab is not a weight reduction surgery but body reshaping surgery. More than the reduction of weight, it emphasizes on reduction of fat.
  5. This procedure is painless and doesn’t require over night hospitalization.
  6. Patients are relieved by the evening. They can even resume, normal light activity, the very next day.
  7. Whatever fat is removed does not come back in that region. Only adequate measures to avoid weight gain are required in the future.
  8. Like any other surgery, Liposuction surgery in Punjab also carries some risks. Proper case selection and procedure is required. All such complications should be discussed with Best doctor during personal consultation.
  9. After the fat is removed, Liposuction surgery in Punjab maintains the tautness of the skin at the same time.
  10. Last but not the least, Liposuction in Punjab targets only fatty tissues. Thus it spares the nerves, so no pain is felt during the surgery. It further spares the blood vessels, as a result, there is no bleeding. Even connective tissues are spared, so better skin retraction is there.
    To sum it all, Liposuction surgery in Punjab is the easiest way of getting rid of unwanted fat in your body. Taunting comments like “Are you pregnant” or “You need to hit the gym, badly”, can be easily avoided by just an easy surgery.

Where Dieting and Exercising fails, TIPS prevails…

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