Gynecomastia is basically referred to development of breast tissues in men. Hormonal changes in adolescents, sometimes develop breasts, known as physiological gynecomastia. Some subside on their own, but the one those persist, need to be treated surgically.

Gynecomastia or male breast reduction is not only due to hormonal changes or disorders but liver failure, testicular failure, medication with steroids over an extended period, cimetidine digitals etc are also major reasons.

Unfortunately there is no nonsurgical treatment of Gynecomastia. A good plastic surgeon at a reputable clinic can undergo Gynecomastia Surgery without leaving any visible scars.

Gynecomastia is basically required for particular set of candidates: A physically fit man can also be embarrassed with significant breasts ranging from mild, moderate and severe:

  1. Mild breasts have glandular structure, which are made up of fat and fibrous tissue without excessive skin.
    Moderate one consists of some extra skin and gland.
  2. Severe excessive skin, which needs to be removed with the glands for satisfying results.
  3. No amount of dieting or exercising succeeds in removing the particular fat which is easily removed by Gynecomastia Surgery.

Gynecomastia Procedure generally performed under general anesthesia. If the breast gland is mostly fatty, it could be got rid of liposuction alone. This particular process, leaves no scars, apart from a few access ports of less than half a centimeter of size. A smooth and levelled chest is the eventual result in next 6 weeks when the excess skin contracts.

A small infra – areolar incision is made to remove breast tissues as far as more fibrous and modular breasts are concerned. Similar procedure is followed, if a nodule is left behind after liposuction.

After the completion of Gynecomastia Surgery, wounds usually take 7 days to a fortnight to heal. A compression garment needs to be worn for a period of 6 weeks after the surgery. It allows the empty spaces to collapse, skin to retract and stick to the chest wall muscles.

A period of 3 – 6 weeks is usually taken for the bruising and swelling to subside. In case of excision, a tube will drain accumulated fluids from each side and a soft and comfortable dressing around chest will provide firm support. The tube will be removed, once drainage stops.

Most of the cases go back home the same evening with dressings applied over the chest wall.

Gynecomastia Procedure is absolutely painless and is usually done under local or general anesthesia. Its results are very good and are permanent. No fatal complications are there because of Gynecomastia Surgery.

Some of the correctable complications that might occur in small percentage of the cases are:

  1. Collection of blood requiring aspirations or drainage
  2. Mild skin irregularities
  3. Depression of nipple region
  4. Temporary loss of sensations over the nipples

Proper weight training can be resumed after 6 weeks of Male breast reduction. 

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