Gynecomastia in Punjab is over development of male breast tissue attributed to many factors like obesity, sudden weight gain, genetics, hormonal changes, and side effects of some medications. Gynecomastia or male breast reduction in Punjab is the procedure that can help get rid of the condition with minimum hassles.

Some of the characteristics of Gynecomastia are:

  1. Localized fat around the male nipple area
  2. Overdevelopment of grandular tissue
  3. Excess breast skin
  4. It could be on one side or on both sides.

As Gynecomastia in Chandigarh can diminish the confidence and quality of life to the point where men suffering from male breasts tend to avoid intimacy, it becomes imperative to treat the condition with Gynecomastia surgery in Punjab.

What happens during Gynecomastia surgery in Chandigarh?

During the surgery, cosmetic surgeon creates an incision at the lower half of the areola that is followed by removal of glandular and fatty tissues by means of liposuction. The male breast reduction is performed under local or general anesthesia which allows the patient to go back home within a few hours after gynecomastia surgery. To see how Gynecomastia surgery is performed check out this video here.

Man boobs reduction before & After pictures | Gynecomastia reduction before & after pictures

What to expect after gynecomastia surgery in Punjab?

The male breast reduction surgery comes with long lasting results. The side effects like skin irregularities, depression of nipple area, aspiration, drainage, temporary loss of sensation are rare and short term. The end result of the gynecomastia surgery are sculpted look and flatter chest for that masculine appeal.

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