In today’s modern and technological world, standards of beauty are constantly rising and it can be intimidating and uncomfortable to be set apart from the rest in terms of body structure. Perhaps it’s the excess fat in your body or the sagging skin that covers it, with cosmetic surgery there is no need for one to live in a constant state of embarrassment anymore. In fact, with the changing times, more and more people are opting for elective procedures in order to attain the best body shape according to their own preferences.

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of body structure related cosmetic surgeries to help you make the right choice on which procedure you need to get the body of your dreams.

1. Liposuction

Everyone desires a well-structured body with the perfect contours and the right proportion. In cases where diets and exercise do little to change this, liposuction is highly recommended. It could be deposition of fat in excess in any part of the body – abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips- but with liposuction, one could achieve the slim-trim look without much hassle. Women usually opt for liposuction to get rid of fat in the out thigh region and stomach while men usually have it performed under the chin or the waist area.

Liposuction is the best type of surgery to refine the body structure and contour. It is often used by plastic surgeons to refine results after other procedures. It is also quite important to remember that this procedure is not an alternative for weight reduction.

Liposuction -fat reduction before & after images | Liposuction in Chandigarh, India

The patient is administered local anesthesia, intravenous sedation, or general anesthesia according to the areas that are to be operated on. In the concerned area, a tiny incision is made where fat is to be removed. In liposuction or suction-assisted lipectomy, thin cannulas or hollow metal tubes are inserted to suction out fat deposits in the surrounding areas.

There is a limit to the amount of fat that can be removed using the procedure in order to prevent complications, depending upon whether the patient is to be admitted to the hospital or discharged immediately after the cosmetic surgery.

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2. Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty

The Tummy Tuck surgery tightens and reshapes the patient’s abdominal area to yield an aesthetically pleasing and overall slimmer appearance. During the procedure, excess skin and fat are removed and weakened, separated muscles are restored to give a well-structured abdomen region. Women generally prefer this surgery after pregnancy to remove the fat and skin that accumulates during pregnancy or after losing a lot of weight. The surgery results in tighter muscle and fascia of the abdominal wall. It is vital to keep in mind that this procedure is not an alternative for weight loss.

tummy tuck-abdominoplasty before and after images | Tummy tuck surgery in Chandigarh, India tummy tuck-abdominoplasty before and after images | Tummy tuck surgery in Chandigarh, India

During a Tummy Tuck procedure, the patient is usually under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. In the area between the pubic hairline and the belly button, a horizontally oriented incision is made. Liposuction is performed in areas of excess fat and resection of the loose and flabby skin of the abdomen is done. The scar remains below the panty line and is mostly inconspicuous. Compression garments are recommended to be worn by the patient for the first few weeks after the surgery.

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3. Body Lifts

Body lifts are procedures opted for by people who’ve lost a lot of weight and require removal and tightening of excess skin. The Body Lift surgery is aimed at lifting and tightening the loose and sagging skin in the areas of buttocks, hips, outer thighs, posterior thighs, and anterior thighs. This surgery involves extensive incisions where the length of the incision is determined by the location and amount of excess skin to be removed. Incisions can be planned strategically and paired with the advanced techniques the incisions will be hardly seen in certain types of clothing and swimsuits.

To support the newly shaped contours, deep sutures within underlying tissues are made. Skin adhesives, tapes, and clips are also used in addition to close the skin incisions. The after-care routine of Body Lift surgery must be followed religiously and is very important. The positioning of the body is of utmost importance in the first couple of weeks. It is important to avoid bending or stretching in order to let the incisions heal right. The dressings should be worn continuously to prevent swelling. Moist tapes are placed over the incisions to ensure healing and are usually changed by the nurses periodically. Overall Body Lifts are safe and successful procedures that provide immense satisfaction.

4. Thigh Lifts

Thigh lifts or Thighplasty are usually opted for by people who have experienced massive weight loss. Thigh Lifts surgeries are focused on reshaping thigh structure according to the patient’s preferences by reducing excess skin and fat, leading to smoother skin and better-proportioned contours of the patient’s lower body. The patient is usually under general anesthesia and the incisions are made in the groin creases to make them inconspicuous. It is usually normal to have minimal swelling, bruising, and edema in the first week or so. Thigh Lifts are not intended for the removal of excess fat alone and are often performed along with liposuction in cases with poor skin elasticity.

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5. Arm Lifts

Arm lifts also known as Brachioplasty are usually done to correct the drooping of arm muscles due to loss of skin elasticity which is caused by weight loss or by aging. Incision scars from this surgery are permanent but are mostly placed in places where it is unnoticeable.

Arm Lift before and after image | Arm lift in Chandigarh, India Arm Lift before and after image | Arm lift in Chandigarh, India

Risk in the Arm Lift surgery is the asymmetry of the arms. During the healing process, many changes may occur that can affect the symmetry of the arms. While your surgeon can try and make the arms look symmetrical, it is not possible to have perfectly symmetrical arms after this surgery. The repositioning of arm tissues can affect superficial sensory nerves during an Arm Lift. Temporary numbness is quite possible. Overall the surgery ensures toned arm structure but with age, it is natural for the skin to lose elasticity and sag. Check out the blog on arm lift to know more about it.

The above-mentioned procedures are all made possible through the evolution of medicine and are all designed for the betterment of human life. It is important to keep in mind that fashion fads fade away with time and these procedures are to be undertaken only if you are absolutely sure that altering your body is what you want and not what is expected of you. At TIPS we have one of the best cosmetic surgeons in India who will guide you in the most efficient and accurate manner in helping you understand the different kinds of cosmetic surgeries and in making the decision on whether or not to undergo surgery and if so, which one best suits your needs. After-all choosing a qualified surgeon is an important first step in helping to assure your safety and satisfaction.