FUE Hair Transplant & Its Advantages:

FUE hair transplant in Punjab comes with unique set of advantages, reason why it has become the hot favorite choice for those looking for best hair transplant in Punjab. Here are some of the benefits that make FUE Hair Transplant the right procedure for bald scalp:

  1. Less invasive: FUE hair transplant in India is less invasive procedure as compared to other modalities of hair transplantation in Punjab. FUE grafts are extracted using a minute punch ranging from 0.7 mm to 1.0 mm in size. There is no requirement of close of post-extraction wounds in view of their small size.
  2. Decreased Scarring: By opting for FUE Hair transplant in Punjab, you opt for decreased scarring after the procedure. Compared to FUE, the absence of any linear scar make this procedure more suitable. The tiny circular scars in the donor area are often undetectable in nature.
  3. Ability to wear any hairstyle: As there is no noticeable difference in the growth by FUE Hair Transplant in Punjab and natural growth, the patients can confidently wear shortest of hair styles.
  4. Reduced pain after the procedure: Compared to other forms of hair transplant in Chandigarh, FUE hair transplant comes with highly reduced level of pain. This makes the procedure highly suitable for those with low pain threshold.
  5. Less downtime: Earlier methods of hair transplantation came with long downtime and slow healing. Contrary to those methods, cosmetic surgeon in Punjab can now perform this procedure that comes with very less downtime. The pain is less and healing is faster for the patients who under FUE in Punjab.

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