Nose Surgery or Rhinoplasty can get you the looks you always longed for

Best rhinoplasty surgeon in India | Nose surgery in ChandigarhNose job or ‘rhinoplasty‘ is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures in India. Nose has got a specific position at the centre of the face and the aesthetic features of the face are dominated by it. The central position of the nose and its harmony with the other facial features is crucial to anyone trying to look his or her best.

Nose has got various sub strata which is all amenable to change depending on the patient’s desire. Plastic surgery of nose is performed both for aesthetic as well as functional reasons such as correcting deviating bones, reducing the dorsal hump, augmenting the depressed dorsum, narrowing the broadened tip, elevating the drooping tip, reducing the width of the nose etc. People having breathing difficulties due to deviated septum can also get the same corrected by removing the deformed septum or by straightening it.

Rhinoplasty : Operative & Post Operative

Cosmetic surgery of nose is done under local anesthesia if only tip work needs to be done or else general anesthesia is required to correct the bony framework or septum. The cosmetic nose surgery normally takes around 2-3 hours and reshaping of the bones, septum and alar cartilages is done during the process. Sometimes autogenous grafts are required from the rib or synthetic implants are used, to augment the depressed dorsum so that it can be made more aesthetically pleasing.

In the post operative period, nasal packs are deployed for around 48 hours if septum and bones have been corrected. Splints and tapes are applied on the nose for next 7 days to maintain its newly formed shape. Patient is normally discharged within the same day after 6-8 hours if minor correction has been done or else the next day if major correction has been undertaken. All stitches, dressings and splints are removed after 7 days and one can resume light normal activities thereafter but should avoid any heavy work for another 2 weeks. There is apparent swelling in the immediate post operative period and it may take around a month or so for it to subside but one is able to appreciate the improved look once the dressings and splints are taken off.

Results after Nose Surgery

Nose surgery cost in India | Nose surgery in IndiaPlastic surgery for nose is as such one of the most satisfying surgery both for the patient and the surgeon because it leads to dramatic improvement in the shape of the nose and makes one looks more beautiful. However at times patients have unrealistic expectations which cannot be comprehensively attained. There are no real complications involved in this surgery however in some cases small revision procedures may be required at a later date to improve the results.

Planning to get Rhinoplasty in Chandigarh, India?

Both men & women planning to get a nose job done need to ensure that they clearly state the expectations they have with this surgery. It’s very important to discuss every aspect in detail with the surgeon, so that he/she can guide you correctly. At TIPS you will get a thorough counseling with the best rhinoplasty surgeon in India before any other steps are initiated. To make a start, simply contact us on our website or call us at the given numbers. All communications between you and us will be strictly confidential.

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