Breast lifts surgery or Mastopexy is the solution for sagging or loose breasts

Breast Lift Surgery in Chandigarh | Best quote for Breast Surgery in India | Mastopexy Surgery in IndiaIt is not uncommon to find a lot of women struggling with drooping or slack breasts after pregnancy. Some may even be facing this due to age catching up on them. In extreme cases, the breasts may even hang as low as the navel which can cause both discomfort & embarrassment. However, Breast Lift Surgery or Mastopexy has emerged as one of the top treatments which help to elevate the breasts to a higher level thus restoring the normal positioning of the breast.

BREAST LIFT: Operative & Post Operative

Breast Lift Surgery or Mastopexy can normally be combined with breast augmentation in order to restore the lost volume of the breast or breast can be auto-augmented using its own tissue and hitching it to a higher level. Surgery is done under general anesthesia. In this procedure, the breast tissue is lifted to a higher position along with the nipple-areola complex. There is a suture line running from the lower level of the areola to the breast crease which normally turns inconspicuous with the passage of time

Drains are kept in the breast for 24 hours post-surgery and patients are usually discharged the next day. Compression garments are advised to be worn for 6 weeks post-surgery.

Breast Lift Surgery in Chandigarh | Best quote for Breast Surgery in India | Mastopexy Surgery in India This surgery is a very pleasing experience for the patient. The results can surely make the individual feel like going back in time. The feeling of snugness in the breasts is all so refreshing and gives that nubile feel. As the breast is elevated along-with restoration of its volume, it gives a new rejuvenated look to the breast and in turn boosts the self-confidence of the female.

Mastopexy is a part of body contouring surgery and can be combined with a whole-body lift or upper body lift based on the patient’s preference. Swelling, bruising along with slight discomfort and numbness are common but these are short term for a week or two. And that’s your time to start relishing your new look and getting used to frequent compliments coming your way.

Planning to get BREAST LIFT done?

It’s natural for women to look for options that can bring back their younger persona. Women go through a lot of transformation after giving birth, lactation, or bariatric surgery. There are quite a few procedures that can help you regain the compactness of your breasts. However, the first most important thing is getting the right guidance and help from a trusted resource. This is where TIPS comes to your aid. With a faculty that has unmatched years of experience and 1000s of successful surgeries – you know you are in safe hands. All you need to do is to simply contact us by using the online form or call us at our numbers. Be assured that your privacy and contact information will be strictly private with us. 

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