Tired of your bulky thighs & lower body, thigh lift surgery may just be right for you

Thigh Fat Reduction Surgery in India | Thigh Lift Surgery in Chandigarh | Thigh Lift Surgery in Chandigarh, IndiaAfter bariatric surgery or a massive weight loss, the skin on the thighs tends to become redundant and flabby. A Thigh lift or Thighplasty is a body contouring surgery in which excess skin and fat will be cut out from the thighs to give them a well-tucked look.

Thigh Lift: Operative & Post Operative

This procedure is done under general anesthesia. The incisions are marked in the groin creases so that the scars remain inconspicuous. Thereafter, the unwanted skin and extra fat from the thigh is duly elevated and resected. The incision might extend circumferentially around the thighs depending upon the patient. Patients are normally discharged the next day and compression stockings are advised to be worn for 6 weeks. It is also advised to avoid any heavy manual work during this period.

Results after Thigh Lift

Thigh Lift invariably leads to a great sense of contentment for any individual. The tucked-up feeling after the thigh lift procedure is very fulfilling for the patient and injects a renewed sense of vigor in him/her. The well-contoured thighs are something that gets back that elusive self-confidence too. It’s natural to have minimal swelling, oedema & bruising which may persist for a week or so. After that, it’s time to relish your newly created persona.

Planning to get a Thigh Lift in Chandigarh, Punjab?

Thigh Lift Surgery in Chandigarh | Inner Thigh Lift in India | Thigh Lift cost in IndiaIf bulky thighs are a constant turn off for you, it’s only natural for you to get thigh lift or medial thigh lift done. This procedure is very safe and the results are very positive in almost all the cases. However, if you are deciding on getting a Thigh Lift surgery done the most important step for you is to decide on the facility which is both trusted and renowned for its professionalism. TIPS is undoubted one of them as the surgeons here are not only the best of the lot but the thigh lift surgeons here at TIPS have experience of conducting a large number of successful surgeries. You only need to call us up or fill in the contact us form and we will get in touch with you. All communications between you and us will be held in the highest confidentiality. 


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