Doctor removing the tattoo from the patient in Chandigarh, India

How Does Tattoo Removal Work

Whether it was a crazy dare or your ex’s name or a trend which has gone out of fashion, plenty of people have tattoos they regret getting and want it removed.

So when you’re ready to erase all the signs of an unwanted tattoo, laser tattoo removal is a safe and effective way to achieve great results. At Tricity Institute of Plastic Surgery (TIPS), we understand the embarrassment an old tattoo can cause and offer tattoo removal procedure using the advanced enlighten laser.

How the Advanced Enlighten Laser Treatment Works

The enlighten laser system uses picosecond pulses of laser energy that are powerful enough to break up even the darkest tattoo inks without causing harm to your surrounding skin tissue.

The laser targets the pigments in the tattoo ink, pulverizing their structure into microscopic pieces. Your body takes over the process, metabolizing the ink particles and eliminating them naturally as waste. This natural process requires no additional medical treatment, only enough time to completely rid your body of the destroyed ink.

Noticeable Results After First Treatment

While many people require several laser tattoo removal sessions to completely address the tattoo, especially for large designs and dark inks, you can expect to see noticeable results after your first treatment.

Your tattoo fades away as Dr Ankur Sood administers laser treatments based on a customized treatment plan that factors in your overall health and the size and location of your tattoo.

Treatments with the enlighten laser can cause some discomfort, but the doctor at TIPS focus on patient’s health and safety throughout the treatment. We offer the convenience of a topical anesthetic to keep the treatment as pain-free as possible.

While you may have some initial redness or swelling in the treatment area, these mild side effects go away on their own in just a few days. You can expect to go right back to your usual activities after your laser appointment without the need for recovery or downtime. No one will even know you’ve had laser treatments.

Minimal aftercare

To protect the health of your skin, it is recommended to use high-quality sunscreen to use daily, as your skin may be especially sensitive to the sun’s rays after treatment.

A good moisturizer will also help prevent excess skin dryness and flaking. It can take as long as eight weeks for your skin to completely heal. If there is a need for another laser session, the doctor schedules them about eight weeks apart to ensure your skin remains healthy.


The tattoos are meant to be permanent and removing the tattoo completely is a difficult process. Even after the surgery, the patient might notice some degree of scarring or skin colour variation which remains regardless of which surgery the patient opts.

Check out the tattoo removal surgery page to know more about the procedure. 

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